Biodiversity loss

Essentially half of the wildlife of the planet has been wiped out by us in fewer than 50 years.

We irreversibly lose over 20 species a day.

As many as 30 to 50 percent of all species will likely be extinct by mid-century.

Putting aside ethical issues, with each species disappears a wealth of biological potential. Each species less essentially means a weakened ecosystem.

Such a substantial, irreversible loss is a direct biological threat to us as life depends on life. No organism, and no species, is capable of living in biological isolation. We depend on the life supporting services of other organisms be it our own gut microbes or the complex microbial ecosystem in the soil.

Biodiversity loss, below the soil and above it, weakens the very ecosystems upon which our lives and livelihoods depend.

Biodiversity loss means impoverished diet for us also. In agricultural crops alone, 75% of genetic diversity has been lost due to focus on yields and cash crops.


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