It is quite dramatic, not visible to the naked eye and growing in volume by the day. The 30 million tonnes a year global output is to triple by the mid-century
- the earth and all life on it are being soaked with synthetic chemicals in an event unlike anything that has
occurred in the four billion years of our planet’s history. No living creature is without these chemicals in its organs, often at levels well within those causing adverse effects.

This began on a large scale with the 20th century, and – uncontrolledand never really tested for safety – progressed so fast that most people are still unaware of the extent of the problem.


“Unknown is the impact of the tens of thousands of man-made chemicals that have created a chemical soup we are all living in whether we are a whale or a human being”, said Thomas Lovejoy.

But we already know enough to be confident that the impact of this toxification ranges from bad to severe to catastrophic as we look at the impacts across the populations. Why is it acceptable for a whale or a human breast to be so contaminated it qualifies as a toxic waste dump?

One of its many dangerous repercussions – the emergence of widespread antibiotic resistance – is likely to cross paths with our exhausted immune systems compromised by chemical contamination, and the fact that with such density in many urban areas we are increasingly vulnerable to pandemics.


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