French appreciation of elegance

The hunting season has arrived and where better can you enjoy game in Europe than in a 3 star restaurant in Paris. In Les Pres d’Eugènie however, the chef is complaining; there is an important dish missing:  The Ortolan, a songbird is a delicacy that many chefs and influential people fight over.

The story is just as gross as the way the dish is enjoyed: the birds are caught in nets and kept in the dark to fatten up. Then, the bird is devoured in whole, while the person hides his face in a white napkin.

The dish been outlawed, but now, 3 star Michelin restaurants are pushing back to allow for their timeless – and gore tradition.

This habit of the French upper class reputed to appreciate elegance and beauty is not much different from the Chinese eating tigers or the Japanese eating whales or dolphins, or poisoning reef fishes with cyanide to have a couple who make it in the restaurants aquariums

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