It’s not just the grapes…

Kids near vineyards and pesticided farms are exposed to a dangerous cocktail of pesticides.

Générations Futures, the French non-profit organization specializing in the use and effects of pesticides, did analysis of the hair of young people living near farms and vineyards after parents expressed worries about their children being exposed to poisons that could disrupt their endocrine system.Its findings confirmed their fears.

An independent laboratory in Luxembourg used methods similar to those employed by detectives investigating poisoning cases.In 29 samples tested 624 pesticide traces were found. In them, 53 pesticides believed to affect mammals’ hormone systems and capable of causing cancerous tumors, birth defects, developmental disorders and learning disabilities in humans.An average of 21.52 distinct pesticides were found in each child; 35 endocrine disruptor pesticides were found at least once, while 13 types of pesticides were discovered in all the hair samples.About three-quarters of the children ate organic food regularly, so the contamination likely came from an outside source, not their food.

François Veillerette, chairman of the board of Pesticide Action Network Europe and spokesperson for Générations Futures adviced “Now the European commission must finally publish a clear and protective definition of the endocrine disruptors that have to be banned.”Générations Futures said the French government’s national strategy to deal with endocrine disruptors had hit a dead end. The plan originally was to be published in 2013 but had been repeatedly postponed.

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March 15 was the first day of pesticide spraying on the famous orchards in canton de Valais, by the Rhone river.