Sophisticated generosity and caring


In this Holiday season when we are encouraged to think more about giving, generosity and caring, it is worth asking ourselves if we can make some unique gifts.

How about making a gift of consideration, and not a material one?

As the world is watching, Europe is struggling to be the first zone on the planet to start eliminating nasty chemicals from toys, cookies, perfume, Christmas trees.

From our food and water.

No matter where you live, do help the EU officials to start removing hormone disrupting chemicals from consumer goods and pesticides. It matters to everyone.

Endocrine disrupters (EDCs), are chemicals that can mess up the way our cells behave — every single minute. Our everyday unwanted and unnecessary exposure to them –leads to diabetes, breast and other cancers, infertility, lower IQ, depressions, autism, and other irreversible diseases from allergies to alzheimer. WHO declared them are a global threat. Humans and all life on earth are equally affected.

Under frantic industry lobbying, the European Commission has delayed action, but they launched an online public consultation to prove that millions of normal people want those chemicals out.

It is open to anyone — within European and beyond it.  They want to hear form you. Please tell them you care now. The consultation will close on January 16th.

The EDC Free Europe coalition has created an easy way (2 minutes), which allows you to speak up:

Click on before 16 January 2015