The 7 Seas most polluted in the world

Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone

- largest in the world area of waters full of fish-suffocating fertilizer fun off from intensive farming and chemical waste.

North Atlantic Garbage Patch

- hundreds of kilometers of man-made chemicals – most notably plastic.

Great Pacific Garbage Patch 

- same as above but bigger

Indian Ocean

Garbage patch – ditto

Mediterranean Sea

- probably the most polluted sea with sewage, mercury, lead and agricultural chemicals brewing in its warm waters.

Baltic Sea

- same as above, but colder and loaded with sunk stocks chemical weapons from world war one two.

Caribbean Sea

- most seriously damaged physically by human activity.

Yesterday was World Ocean Day 2014.

If you want to make your small contribution to the state of the oceans – simply eat fresh and organic.  The “conventional” foods are made with the use of chemicals, such as pesticides and fertilizer. Industrial food is packaged in plastic and laced with additional chemicals. They end up in the oceans ultimately.  There is no Away in Go Away.

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