Those flowers are most likely to carry pesticides

Thinking about pesticides in your food? Check what you bought for your garden. Ornamental plants in garden centres, supermarkets and DIY-stores in ten European countries contain neonicotinoid pesticides. These are systemic, meaning that the poisonous chemicals are taken up by the whole plant and transported to all the tissues, rendering the whole plant toxic.

Neonicotinoid-treated plants can be freely purchased and planted outdoors in parks, gardens and on balconies, brining into question the safety of farms and gardens where and biodiversity can thrive. Laboratory analysis requested by Greenpeace, showed in samples of more than 35 popular varieties an overall, significant and relatively consistent contamination. Of the 86 samples analysed, pesticide residues were found in 97,6%. Insecticides regarded as of particular toxicological significance to bees were found frequently. In addition to the insecticides, a great variety of fungicides was shown, including those not authorized for use in the EU. You can even download the whole report.