Triclosan – a problem chemical has to go


Triclosan – a problem chemical has to go

The Physicians for the Environment (AefU) and PingWin Planet launch today an online petition “triclosan ban – immediately“.

Triclosan is petrol-based synthetic organic chemical used as a biocide in growing number consumer products.  Unfortunately it does not stay just in the products and then disappear – it penetrates the body and the environment. A biocide!  Now it is even being found in human tissues (such as the blood the umbilical cord and breast milk).

The chemical – besides being lethal to cells of living organisms, is also suspected of being an endocrine disruptor and a carcinogen, harming sperm, liver and muscles; accumulating in the body and triggering antibiotic resistance.  Not good news for the fetus, for a baby and for adults either.  Not good news for our ecosystem.

The US state of Minnesota has banned it as of June 2014 on its entire territory.

For the entire US, the Food and Drug Administration attempted to ban it several times since 1974. But the industry resists.  Instead of taking triclosan off the market, the manufactures continue adding the chemical into more and more everyday products across the globe, counting on the average consumer’s dread of “microbes” and a marketing-driven desire of ordinary people to eliminate their natural scents.  Another reason is that the biocide extends the shelf life of many products (as it does not go stale for a longer time), making logistics easier for the manufacturers and trade.  But do we really need it in our toothpaste? Or in our soap – if the simple physical act of washing with bubbles is sufficient for hygiene in everyday situations?

A sample purchase by AefU and PingWin Planet of 67 ordinary products in our stores in Switzerland found triclosan in them. Some of the examples:

Toothpaste – Colgate Total (Colgate Palmolive) and Candida Halitosis (Migros);

Deodorants kfree by Calvin Klein, Gucci by Gucci, 1 million by Paco Rabanne.

Body cream Lipoderm Omega by Spirig),

Soaps Hygrolet hand Antibact

Foot powders eg <Gehwohl med. Foot powders>.

Socks, Hundepfoten- and Sextoyreiniger

Plastic bags

Detergents.In Switzerland, the people of Federal and cantonal control institutions, constantly entrusted with additional responsibilities, simply lack the capacity for appropriate overview and to gather sufficient information on the presence of the biocide. The State Laboratory of Zurich, for example, told OEKOSKOP that “no market overview about” how triclosan is used in food packaging in Switzerland is available.

The online petition “triclosan ban, immediately.” should help.

The dangerous biocide must disappear from our everyday products. AefU and PingWin Planet launch support of Greenpeace Switzerland the online petition “triclosan ban – immediately»

Additionally, AefU and PingWin Planet will also work to achieve:

· The legal recognition of mother’s milk as food (it is not right now). This should be the first step towards its comprehensive legal protection.

· Regular monitoring of breast milk from all different parts of the country, which fully can captures the presence of the contaminant.

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You may also want to contact:

Dr. med. Peter Kälin, President AefU 079 636 51 15

Dr. Martin Forter, Director AefU 061 691 55 83

Maja Widler, Co-President PingWin Planet 079 285 99 27