Why People Toss out More Organic Potatoes


The full post by Peter Rüegg was originally written for Futurity

People throw out more organic potatoes than regular ones, according to a food waste study conducted in Switzerland.

About 660 pounds of perfectly good food ends up in the trash per Swiss person each year, report researchers. And on the way from field to fork, more than half of the potato harvest goes to waste.

The study breaks down the losses of this staple food along the entire supply chain. “With this study, we aim to deepen the discussion relating to food waste by looking at a single product,” says lead author Christian Willersinn, a doctoral student at ETH Zurich. The study appears in the journal Waste Management.

Willersinn and colleagues used data from quality assessment of individual tubers, surveyed wholesalers and retailers, and carried out a written survey of 2,000 households. In addition, 87 people kept a diary for 30 days, in which they recorded their exact potato consumption and exactly how much of the originally purchased quantity, including preparation waste, ended up in their bins.

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Why People Toss out More Organic Potatoes