Build local food security

Most of the upcoming challenges boil down to the people’s capacity to feed themselves locally – hence food security at the local level is paramount. Unfortunately, that requires reversing a global trend that for decades has undermined local food security in multiple ways. One major factor is that today’s “modern” agriculture is completely dependent upon fossil fuels – for farm equipment, for fertilizers and for pesticides, which are made from petrochemicals. Another is the specialization by different countries in different industrial-scale cash crops, which necessitates global agricultural trading to achieve food supply.

There is a quite straightforward path out of this setup: intelligent, locally based agriculture. Increasingly, scientific evidence demonstrates that by investing in biologically robust soil fertility, mixing and rotating crops intelligently and using to the fullest the available ecosystem services can minimize dependence on fossil carbon inputs and foster the development of durable food production models challenges, but we can be thus adequately prepared to better withstand some of their effects.